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The Unnamed Women of the Hebrew Bible

We will be delving into stories of unnamed women in the Hebrew Bible. Women in Hebrew bibles times, are often described in context to a close male relative, rather than with their name. In this lack of naming, they lose their autonomy and details that we would love to know are often forgotten.  As a result we often forget these women and fail to recognize their importance.


Some of the stories about these women are inspiring and some are honestly horrifying.  We will be exploring these stories of the coming weeks.  Come join us to learn more.


In Person Worship

Sundays 9:00 a.m.

Genesis Presbyterian Church

5707 S. Simms St.

Littleton CO 80127

Streaming Worship

Live Sundays 9:00 a.m.
and on-demand

Sky Pointe
Retirement Resort

Sundays 10:30 a.m.

A worship service at Sky Pointe for the residents and their visitors.

What to Expect at Worship

Sunday worship is a central focus of our Genesis congregation.  It is here that we connect with God and each other.  We embrace a progressive theology and challenge ourselves to grow our faith and understanding of God.  We listen for God’s word, we sing and we pray together.


Worship is led each week by a member of the congregation, our music team and our pastor.  One of the benefits of a smaller congregation is that we all actively participate and often have discussions about the sermon within the worship service.  This is how we share and expand our learning.

Our Values


Activist – We embrace: lay leadership; preaching as dialogue; taking discipleship seriously; active, engaged participation; joyous life in Christ.

Equality – The Presbyterian Church USA recognizes the ordination of all.  We believe in the equality of all in leadership of worship, prayer, preaching and serving.

Open and Affirming – We rejoice in the diversity of God’s children.  Everyone is welcome and embraced at Genesis Church.

God Elsewhere Too – God is one.  It is also true that God is doing God’s saving work through numerous other traditions.  We can respect, learn from, and celebrate all faith traditions without diminishing our own.

Science and Scripture – Genesis studies the Bible in partnership with the modern world of science to fully grasp the powerful, guiding and changing force of God’s word wherever it is found.  


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Bible Study

The Genesis Bible Study group meets the second and fourth Wednesday of every month at 10am in the Sky Pointe Dining Room.  We will be be looking at the stories of Ruth, Esther, and Jonah among others.

Book Group

The Genesis Book Group meets one Saturday a  month except in July and August..  The group chooses books with the guidance of their professional librarian.   Meeting places vary.  For more details see the Calendar.

Outreach and Mission

Genesis is actively involved in our local and international community through support of Mission Partners.

Columbine Hills Elementary and Mortensen Elementary


We conduct an annual School Supply Drive to benefit the students at these schools.

The Lomagundi Clinic Mission Partnership of the Presbytery of Denver


Our support of this clinic helps provide much needed medical care in an underserved area of Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe.


Contact and Giving


Tel:          303 973 9399

Address: 5707 S Simms St
                 Littleton, CO 80127

Contact and On-Line Giving


5707 S. Simms
Littleton CO 80127



On-line Giving

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